About Us

Thewebsite is a collaboration between Dimensions, H S A and The Learning Communityfor Person Centred Practices. We are also grateful to Inclusion Press forsharing tools in the Community Connections section.


Dimensionsis a national provider of a wide range of services for people who experienceautism and people with learning disabilities. A not-for-profit organisation, weare a leader in our sector, supporting over 2,300 people and their familiesthroughout England and South Wales.

Weprovide individualised support for people living in their own homes or inshared housing, transition support for young people leaving school or college, andopportunities for learning, employment and participating in the community.

Thequality of our service is underpinned by a team of exceptional, well-trainedstaff, supported by a team of experts, and a commitment to person-centredsupport. Our aim is to enable the people we support to live a full life, andmake their own choices and decisions.

Wehave been working in partnership with Helen Sanderson Associates to become aperson centred organisation. As part of this, Helen and Dimensions describedwhat they have tried and learned in the book ‘Making in Personal – a provider’sjourney from tradition to transformation’ .

For more information about Dimensions go to www.dimensions-uk.org


HelenSanderson Associates

Helen Sanderson Associates (HSA) is adevelopment, training and consultancy team that works with people to changetheir lives, organisations and communities through person-centred thinking andplanning. H S A are members of The Learning Community for person centredpractices, and Helen is Vice Chair of the Board.

For more information about HSA go to www.helensandersonassociates.co.uk


TheLearning Community for Person Centred Practices

TheLearning Community for Person Centered Practices is an international communitythat shares knowledge about supporting people in getting the lives theywant.  Our focus is on developing and disseminating practical tools thathelp people in having positive control in their lives. We do this by supportingthose who use the tools and those who train others to use them.  We continue to remember and honor those whoare our teachers - people who use services and their families. 

Find out more about The Learning Community athttp://www.learningcommunity.us



Inclusion • Community • Diversity:  hasbeen creating person-centred user-friendly resources, and offering workshops,training events and consultancy for nearly three decades.  We assistindividuals, families and organizations to build better lives by nurturing thegifts and capacities of all - as full participating citizens incommunities where all belong and all means all!  No Buts aboutit!  Principals:  Jack Pearpoint, Lynda Kahn, John O’Brien.

For more information: www.inclusion.com and inclusionnetwork.ning.com